Palm Pruning Service

Professional Palm Tree Trimming and Pruning

Palms are a beautiful addition to any landscape. However, they do require regular maintenance. It’s recommended to prune palms annually or bi-annually, depending on species and customer preference. Palm pruning is unlike traditional tree pruning. Seeds are removed for aesthetics and safety. The palm boots and fronds are then trimmed accordingly. Homeowners can have their palms pruned any way they like. Arborists will work with homeowners to determine how they will be trimmed to promote healthy growth and a pleasing appearance. It’s recommended to keep the palms fronds parallel to the ground. Arborists will carefully prune the palm, avoiding deep cuts into the boots. This will leave the palm healthier. Homeowners can sign up for annual or bi-annual maintenance. This allows homeowners to enjoy their palms without having to remember about maintenance tasks.