Tree Shaping

Shaping trees is an art in its own right. It requires proper knowledge of the biological structure of the tree. Improper shaping can result in unhealthy trees that become a breeding ground for bacteria and bugs. Professional arborists can properly shape trees while keeping its health and integrity in mind. In many cases, trees need to be shaped to provide clearance for structures and vehicles underneath. Instead of removing trees that are in the way, homeowners can maintain the shade they provide by simply uplifting the tree. This is a form of pruning that raises the crown of the tree.

Big Wood Tree Service will prune the tree to provide clearance and visibility while maintaining its health. Tree shaping is done by strategically removing lower limbs while preventing an excess of trimming. Removing too many of the lower limbs will result in shock and the trees health will slowly decline.

Big Wood Tree Service will strategically plan the prune and make cuts that will satisfy customer needs and maintain the trees health. Impeding branches can stick out and cause damage or hurt people if not pruned properly.

Proper pruning encourages strong growth, increases flower and fruit production, improves plant health, and removes damaged limbs, all which give aesthetic appeal to a tree. Pruning at the right time and in the right way is critical, since it is possible to kill a healthy tree through neglect or over-pruning. Essentially, pruning should enhance the trees natural shape.

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