Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump Removal by the experts at Big Wood Tree Service. After trees are removed, homeowners are often left with unsightly stumps. These stumps can possibly sprout due to their invasive roots on occasion. They can be very difficult to remove as well if not done correctly. While some homeowners may attempt to remove the stump themselves, the long roots make it nearly impossible to pull out.

The many termites in Florida love wood that is on top of and inside the ground. A stump must be removed if you want to plant, landscape, install or replace a fence, or start construction in the same area. The stump may continue to grow and so can the roots, which may be pushing up cement areas, house foundations, fences, and much more. A stump may be removed to allow drainage or because it is obstructing a waterway, something that can cause a lot of damage if not rectified. Or it may be something as simple as you may not like seeing the stump there in many cases.

Removing the stump of an old tree can be very time-consuming and challenging without the proper equipment or services of a professional. We can grind down any remaining stump quickly and cost-effectively. 

Complete Stump Removal and Clean up

Stump grinding is performed to completely remove the stump and prevent the roots from growing any further. It can be performed in tight areas, allowing homeowners to reclaim the space. Big Wood Tree Service will use heavy equipment to thoroughly remove the stump above the ground’s surface. This will ensure that the roots below the surface cannot sprout and form another tree. Eventually, the roots will decompose. A stump grinder will effectively chip away at the stump, leaving a surface that can be covered with other foliage or grass.

Open up your outdoor potential

Tree stumps on your property can severely limit the potential of your outdoor yard space, it can also cause dangerous tripping and falling hazards and can introduce harmful microorganisms like bacteria and fungi into your garden or beautiful lawn.

Big Wood Tree Service are professionals at grinding and removing these nuisance leftovers. We have the knowledge, equipment and skill to quickly and effortlessly remove any tree stump of any size, whatever the depth, from your property permanently. We always remove stumps to several inches below the surface for looks and safety. We can then fill the remaining hole with soil or mulch so you can have a normal yard again. It will look as if the stump never existed on your property at all.

Here are some questions to ask if you are considering stump removal in the space coast area:

Do you have tree stumps in Brevard County?

Is it annoying to have to mow around them all the time?

Are tired of looking over at that ugly stump on your property?

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