Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is essential in keeping a tree healthy and safe. Trees can easily overgrow, becoming hazardous and unappealing, especially in some of the older developments in the Melbourne area with mature Oak trees. Trimming will help to improve the tree’s appearance and remove any branches that may harm the home or its occupants.

The professionals at Big Wood Tree Service are familiar with native Florida trees found In Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We know how to spot disease and pests common to our Florida plants. Professional arborists will trim and prune a tree in a manner that promotes healthy growth. They understand the biology of the tree and can cut branches to ensure that the tree responds well. This is done by reducing the crown of the tree rather than the top.

Proper Technique for Tree Trimming

We’ve seen the disease that can result from improper trimming and pruning techniques often done by inexperienced companies. Without proper pruning, trees can easily become decayed and infested with bugs. Many homeowners in Melbourne have experienced the loss of valuable trees due to incorrect trimming practices. Arborists will ensure that this doesn’t occur, cutting branches to ISA standards and improving their overall structural integrity. In the end, the tree will look better and continue to grow in a healthy manner after pruning.

When trimming and pruning, we take safety precautions to protect the structural elements of the home and the tree itself. Homeowners in Melbourne can be assured that Big Wood Tree Service will perform our tree services safely and professionally.